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November 15, 2010


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You've chosen some outstanding cakes to catch up on--and I'm going to have more Free Choice weeks as we move toward the last part of our project, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to try them!

Marie- I am glad to have your endorsement of my catch-up cakes, since you have baked nearly everything in the book!

Ahhh, yes, this frosting is indeed lovely! Very pretty cake.

Congrats on conquering the smbc. It is on my to-do list (I failed the 1st time around).
And yes you've chosen some of my favorites for your to-bake list. I'm looking forward to seeing them!

i have yet to try the silk meringue buttercream--it is on my list of things to bake! love the way you decorated your bundt.

Beautiful! Glad you seem to be happily busy.

@Vicki Thanks you so much! We must get together sometime. You are only in Sac! Maybe a Seville orange scavenge?

Jenn- Thanks, you make me feel like a champ for finishing. Isn't it great to have a blog, having people notice your little victories/delights? Your charlotte was BEAUTIFUL

Evilcakelady - Thanks! I just couldn't see covering the entire bundt in frosting - I thought it would look messier.

Serene- Thanks, lady! Happily is right. Sometimes I forget. Hope you are well is our unsually balmy weather. (Sorry non-Californians, it's in the 70s here.)

I've heard such yummy things about this buttercream, but I have yet to make it. I love the way you decorated the cake too.

Happy holidays.

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