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October 27, 2010


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Rachel -- your enthusiasm for Farmers' Market Desserts makes me want to pick up my own book and get into the kitchen! Thank you so much for your fantastic testing and recipe suggestions, and for sharing the book with your readers. That you continue to use the book, well, that's just about all an author could ask for. And your photography -- just gorgeous. You are such a versatile pro!


Wow. Those really look fantastic.

Thanks, Jennie! Your kind words mean a lot. Someday soon I will reward myself with a DSLR camera body and a nice lens. I have a goal I want to reach and that's the carrot.

Thanks Mendy!

I love this post, and your photos! I have the book FMD but haven't made this particular recipe. Your repeated use of a single recipe with different fruits each time is inspiring me . . . the fall pome fruit version sounds fantastic. Maybe this weekend . . .

Eve- Thank you! Love whenever I can inspire anyone to bake. Several of the recipes I tested I have made more than once. The chocolate prune walnut torte is great for passover, and I love meringue whenever I can get it so the pavlovas are a hit. The roasted pears with crushed amaretti are so easy, they make their own caramel sauce in the pan for you! But I digress...what I love about tart and pie is that you can put the dough together one day, and then do the filling and baking another day, so the project seems easier.

Oh, my goodness. Those are so beautiful!

Thank you so much Serene! So great to hear from you. I cannot believe it's been a month since BlogHer Food!

i guess this is a late comment, but i love that photo of the tart attacking downtown

JustCookNYC Thank you so much! It looks unreal...

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