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August 09, 2010


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Oh wow... don't feel bad, I have done the lets make ice cream for 20+ people too and then had the OH OH moment as well.

That is what cooking is all about those OH OH moments.

I have that book and I'm totally working my way in making every single ice cream in there... one is better than the next.

When I read this recipe on David's blog, it sounded so delicious. Glad to see someone made it and it's as spectacular as it sounded.

Monica- You are right! Have you made the Salted Butter Caramel Ice cream he has posted on his blog? That's one I have on deck.

Vbagatti- You should make this- just as good as it sounds!

His peach ice cream is really good, too, even though when I made it it never set up (cheap ice cream maker) and we had to eat it through straws like milkshakes.

After using the ice cream maker clean & wash it properly. After becomes completely dried, store it in place where you reach it easily. Refrain placing it under direct sunlight. With these things in mind, you able to have more homemade snacks that you share with friends and neighbors just same together.

Great photos and recipes! With the warm weather just around the corner, I'll be sure to get the whole family involved in making homemade ice cream!

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