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February 08, 2010


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Those sour oranges should be fine for making curd, no? You could also try marmalade. How sour is the juice? Maybe you could juice them and make orange-ade (with added simple syrup). Good luck with your new floor.

That was interesting reading about what makes chocolate and orange work.

Good luck with your new floor...

Hanaa- good point. I think they would be very good for a curd since I like lemon curd. When my stove comes back to life (probably tomorrow at the earliest) I will use them for curd. I think I should save the peel for marmalade. I have a ton of candied grapefruit peel in my freezer waiting to be used. Hmm....
The floor is a very bold fun linoleum. I cannot wait to show you all my mini-kitchen makeover!!

Don't you find yourself dying to get in the kitchen when the floor is being replace, or the stove is unhooked? I hate when that happens!


ButterYum- of course I want to cook precisely when I cannot! We had the whole kitchen and counters painted (yes my kitchen is weird; no one does painted counters nor should they!) in October and then ran into a couple dead ends and finally are getting the floor in this week. Unfortunately, the stove is still disconnected (which is exactly what I should have expected!)

How funny, my wedding cake was a pound cake from Jim beard with orange and almonds and I soaked it in Grand Marnier, too! But had plain white icing, not daring chocolate like yours.

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