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January 25, 2010


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NPRs recipe above has an omission. They don't include the amount of chocolate called for in the recipe (2 ounces).

Thanks for letting me know! I will correct it now! :)

Beautiful, Rachelino! Love the step-by-step pics. Did you eat it "plain"? I skipped this cake because I ran out of time. But it's on my todo list. Did you skip this week's pineapple upside down cakes? Those are awesome! I used canned pineapple (which worked great) and added orange zest to the batter. Yum! I highly recommend you trying it sometime :o)

Thank you! I did skip the pineapple cake, but am excited about the True Orange Genoise! (And it's good to know canned pineapple works as well.)

that last photo is simply stunning. makes me wish i could have another piece!

Thank you so much! I liked that photo the best all along. Now I want to move it to the top.

Portion sizes are often too big, resulting in ridiculous calorie counts for even the "healthier" choices. Places like Teriyaki Express should offer at least two portion size options intead of forcing us to spend extra money and waste the excess food

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