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December 28, 2009


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Yes, yes: more cake, less ganache. That would have suited me better too.

I like your larger diamonds for the pinecone scales--it's very effective. I went for pretty small ones, and it took *forever* to cut and lift them all, even with help! Yours looks at least equally as pinecone-y as mine.

Looks good! Everyone who baked this seems to agree that it is a rich cake..

lol..i think this cake should make up for any missed cakes of the past;)

So great that your fondant worked out - it looks fantastic. And your cake definitely looks like a pine cone and not like what your husband suggested!

Your photos are fabulous too!

I completely agree about the cake being quite rich and very truffle like. I think you have to be a total chocolate lover or else have a very small sliver.

Your cake looks like a pinecone, no easy feat!

What a great post Rachel - and welcome to the world of BeaterBlade Love!

Wow! I'm so impressed with the folks who made this cake. Great work!

Thanks everyone!

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