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November 16, 2009


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A really beautiful cake, I admire your stamina in making it and getting it to the location! Jeannette

this cake is so beautiful, and the lacquer glaze is amazing! a great account of the cake and the wedding, thanks for sharing.

What a lovely cake Rachel - you really did a great job. I can imagine how wonderful that shiny glaze must have looked in person. I can't wait for an opportunity to try it.

Know those mountains well and this cake is perfect. It turned out beautifully.

Rachel - beautiful cake. Do you know the 2 layers baked differently in the same condition? I had the same issue with the lemon luxury cake.

Beautiful job on the wedding cake and that glaze is stunning.

Everyone--Thank you so, so very much for your compliments. Compliments from my fellow bakers mean a lot. Everyone do try the glaze. I was very impressed. Also I did not mention that one of the reasons that the bottom tier might not have coated as well (besides being at the wrong temp) is also that is was square. Dunno.

Jeannette- I do think there was some stamina involved. I thought I would flop on my back at 9pm, but I ended up dancing in heels all night! Must have been adrenaline. My mother also says that she has been running after me since the day I was born and I have always had more energy that she could fathom. Of course once my head hits the pillow, I sleep like the dead.

Jenn- I saw that with your cake too. What's interesting is when I started making wedding cakes, I only bought one of each pan, and though they were the right type (dull finish alumnium pro pans) no manufacturer was marked on the bottom - only "9x2, USA" or similar- so it made it harder to get a matched set. I asked my local cake store and they said they get the pans from Washington state (so not Magic Line) but didn't tell me which company. Now I need a complete set of round and square for wedding cake projects, and I am finding as I buy what I think are identical pans to the ones I have at home (so I can bake two layers at once) and they are just NOT identical. I was very surprised at how different the crust was on these though.
I am thinking of getting a full set of Magic Line (which my local cake store doesn't sell). I want to support my local store, but it's strange they cannot tell me the manufacturer of the pans.

I did a post on RLB's site...but must say again, magnificent job. Now that I am doing more baking, I am finding some of my equipment inferior. I do also notice a huge difference in the way pans bake and also various locations in my oven. I now have the motto -- get the good stuff, because in the end if I cheap out or buy what's readily available W^l!o? (figure it out :)), I am totally unhappy in the end and have all of this extra, useless stuff. Enough ranting! Enjoy your getting back to normal...those wedding cakes are marathons -- all the prepreparation and of course the last minute decorating and smoothing (I am so utterly slow at this)-- they can certainly be a bit disruptive!

Sherrie, thanks again, and you made me think of something else really obvious. I am baking in a 50 year old oven that has not been calibrated. I am sure it will be nice to bake in a new oven. I am getting a new oven soon for the house, and am looking for a commercial kitchen to work out of. I have a place I use occasionally now, but there is only shared fridge space, and no cake of mine is going in a shared fridge (especially when the other businesses using the kitchen could be savory food cooks).

Beautiful cake, Rachel! The glaze is so glam. I am sure no one has seen a wedding cake like it...unless they are a RLB fan.
I still am not sure how you lift those tiers on to the cake without marring the perfect surface. A steady hand and a prayer, I should think. So brave!
I can't believe you drove 2 hours with the wedding cake. I told Sherrie, if I had to drive a wedding cake in my car, I'd request a police escort! No joke, I'd be a nervous wreck!
Well done.

Thanks Melinda. I actually used a very heavy duty inflexible pancake turner and a small offset spatula as demoed in the wedding cake section of Rose's Heavenly Cakes. I think I got the perfect turner for the task though - look how large it is! http://www.surlatable.com/product/things+cooks+love+oversized+turner.do?keyword=turner&sortby=ourPicks
I highly recommend it.

Can you take one more compliment? When you talked about the chocolate-pomegranate wedding cake, I thought it sounded magnificent, and now that I see it, I'm sure! What a great thing to do, and how great that we have photography to memorialize something that probably disappeared in minutes.

Thank you Marie. I can definitely take another compliment. I worked really hard on it! :)

Wow! i like the cake this is so delicious i want that i can also make my own cake for my wedding. Keep posting!


The cake looks tremendous - very professional!

You are lucky to have satsuma plums. They are one of the older varieties and sadly not planted much any more in my area. I think they are the best of the plums - wonderful flavour.

Wowow you did an amazing job with your cake! Thanks for sharing :)

They say there are cooks, and then there are bakers. I'm a cook, but I applaud you! Bravo!

what a talented neice. i am so lucky...

Aww....thanks Auntie Suzy. I swear I didn't pay her to write that, folks! :)

Thank you so much. Indeed the glaze seems to took a long time to reheat, but it was very easy to overheat. I re-heated my glaze from chilled, while it took over 30 minutes in a double boiler. I got it done perfectly.

will there be a way for me to try out this glaze recipe? I've been working on a few and haven't found one that I really like! Yours looked absolutely beautiful!!!


Oh Rachel! Such a beautiful wedding cake! Just found your wonderful blog today while reading HCB and various others - awesome!!
I just tried the Lacquer Glaze myself over the holidays - to finish a Chocolate yule log filled with Maple Mousse... didn't take any photos of it tho - as there were too many imperfections in the surface for my liking. Tasted fab - and I look forward to working with this glaze more in future! BEST shot is the one of you with the babuschka on your head!!! LOL!! That is my personal signature "look" while I am working the kitchen too, as I can't function with hair hanging everywhere(YUK!)! I bake at my church and everyone knows me - I'm the babuschka baking girl! That is such a cute coincindence! If I had a photo of me in it I would send it! - Kuchenbaaker

Hello, I just saw your posting today. this is such a beautiful cake!! I am baking a wedding cake as well and is trying to test some cake recipes. i'm going to try Flo Braker's chocolate cake you posted on your site. (thank you!!)

Did you have to re-adjust baking powder levels when baking the large layer? I am wondering, now that i read Rose's books...

Jeni- I did not have to adjust the baking powder, and it worked beautifully! You are reminding me why I must always keep notes on these cakes so I can remember precisely what I did the last time. I did use cake strips around the edge so it didn't dome in the middle. I think with a large square layer there is a bigger chance of the corners drying out.

Very good to know. I baked the test layer yesterday and it's not sitting it the office waiting to be judged and eaten =)

in this case, this means i can bake another rose's cake without worrying about the baking powder/soda?

thank you!

Sorry about the multiple posts.. The cake is good and very delicate. I brushed it with some espresso syrup last night but i didn't think it needs it at all..


the wedding is so special ... I love weddings ... so much sweetness is reflected in these activities ... thousand congratulations to all those people who just starting their commitment and wish them much happiness

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