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March 27, 2009


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I'm glad to have stumbled on your post. I'm baking my way through every recipe in Flo Braker's book and chronicling my adventures on my blog. I did my second recipe today and there's a mistake in the directions. I'll post the change on my blog very shortly so you can update your book too.

In the meantime I'd like to update my book to include the addition of chocolate (THANK YOU for pointing this out). Should I include the chocolate in the recipe between the sentence ending with "bowl" and the start of "Continue..." and beat 3-4 minutes?

Subbed to your blog-- you've made some wonderful recipes!

This chocolate cake was so delicious i like it so much,thank you fro the recipe.


Thanks so much for the correction! I was getting desperate trying to figure it out!

How fabulous! And what a great name for an all cookbook book store!

Are you sure this recipe is now correct? I've tried it twice and both times with no luck. The cake rises but sinks and shrinks from the sides of the pans considerably upon cooling.

I've checked the oven temperature with two oven thermometers.

Is it really a full cup of coffee? The batter seems fairly thin.

David- I sent you an email my thoughts and some questions, but wanted to respond here as well to anyone who might find the post and confirm that yes, the recipe is correct. Yes, it is a full cup of coffee (but the coffee must be lukewarm, and not hot). I just made the recipe twice yesterday, actually, so it's fresh in my mind.

Not knowing any of the details, I think it might have been underbaked if it sunk so much in the middle.

Wow! Simply amazing! That's a very wonderful recipe! Thanks for sharing. My parents' anniversary is approaching, so I think it would be perfect if we have those cupcakes on our table!

Rachelino, I just made this cake from Flo's book. It's cooling as I'm typing this. I read through the recipe several times, looking for when to add the melted choc, and eventually decided it made the most sense to add it after the eggs. Then I remembered your post, so I came to verify that what I did was correct. I'm taking the cake to a dinner party tonight. I'm looking forward to tasting it. It smells amazing.

Next week I'll be making Flo's Signature Yellow Cake. I'd like it to be a sheet cake for a birthday cake I'm making. I'm hoping it works. Have you tried this recipe?

Hanaa - sorry I have been away from the internets. I LOVE Flo's signature yellow cake! I have used it only a few times, but it is a killer moist and flavorful yellow cake. I filled and frosted it with a fruit puree infused version of Rose's new golden neoclassic buttercream from HBC (made with Lyle's Golden Syrup) and it was a huge hit.

Excellent work on the chocolate cake recipe! I hope it turned out well!

Thank you so much for putting the video link on at the end of the recipe. I have just had this book as a Christmas present off a very dear friend and I was most interested to see and hear Flo Braker ,it makes such a difference to see someone working and explaining everything. What a nice person she seems. I shall now get out my book and make sure i pencil in this correction, thank you! Jeannette.

I've made this cake three times now. The first time, it was perfect. The last two times, it rose beautifully in the oven but then shrunk ALOT and drew away from the sides of the pan when cooled. This third time, I was precise in weighing ingredients and making sure the coffee was almost room temp. I don't know what I did differently from the first time! It still tastes delicious, just looks kind of sad...there is also a thin darker layer at the bottom of the cake all three times I made it.

I also baked the cake as part of our ABC choice and its so yummy and rich and love.. LOVE the added full cup of coffee, gives it a whole other dimension and brings out the full chocolate flavor.

I just found this post, and I'm drooling over the description. I've never baked cake, and I'm not generally much of a cake person, but dark chocolate is a weakness of mine! This sounds so delicious, I'm sure I'll need to try out my cake-making skills soon.

Unitentional housewife, do it! Making your own cake will make you more of a cake person....or rather, it wil be better than most cake you have had if you do it right. But then again you might eat more cake!

so is it bad to let you know there's a typo

This is a great blog, thank you! For any one interested in another really wonderful chocolate cake recipe you might like to check out Jane Hornby's chocolate wedding cake on the BBC food site. Jane is another great baker and all round cook who dedicates herself to making recipes work.
As an inexperienced baker I always need to know a recipe will work. I'm always 'baking' mistakes but I guess this is the only way to learn and make corrections. I'd love to get a copy of Flo Braker's book but don't know how I'd cope with any errors in the recipes.

madeitwithlove, thanks for the recommendation on Jane Hornby's chocolate cake recipe! I highly recommend any of Flo Braker's books, Simple Art of Perfect Baking or Baking for all Occasions are great comprehensive cookbooks, and Sweet Miniatures is her award-winning book on bite-size/individual size desserts. While all books, especially cookbooks, are bound to have a printing or recipe error somewhere, Flo's recipes are rock-solid, and I think it drove her crazy that that one error made it through to the final printing. Don't be afraid to use her books! I haven't found another error like that.

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