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Baking Entrepreneur, 5th generation Californian, Recipe Tester


I am a passionate, obsessive, home baker who has held intermittent jobs in the culinary industry jobs. As a child, I started making cookies as holiday gifts, moved on to pies to feed 127 students as a kitchen and food manager in college at UC Berkeley, and eventually tackled three-tier wedding cakes. I started writing about baking here in 2007, volunteers for the CHEFS culinary training program, and am a freelance recipe tester. I would like to be known as the recipe doctor, but I don't know if that's gonna happen.

I am thrilled to start selling desserts by special order at milkglass baking ( A fifth-generation Californian (I throw that in only because it usually amazes people...and I studied California history) I live near Berkeley in Northern California with my husband and am a proud member of the Baker’s Dozen.